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Yes, I was writing and recording in the 90’s, before some of my friends were born!!! b a d c
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Music Video: One More Chance - Jean PaulJean Paul Espinosa was a finalist in the TV show The Voice Denmark, 2012. For those who know Jean…View Post b a d c
Signal failure on the Tube means I can’t get to Acton town. Found a pub with Filipino beer. I feel safe. #mpflondon b a d c
Hello Sleasy Jet… #mpfLondon calling b a d c
A reminder that F terminal stands for Freakin Far…. b a d c
Discovering Ingo Stahl


Ingo Stahl is a Copenhagen based singer songwriter from Germany. Well worth a listen…View Post b a d c
Sunday morning string change with Jack. b a d c
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